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Netherlands Association for Donor Medicine, NADM

NVDG Nederlandse Vereniging voor Donor Geneeskunde
(Netherlands Association for Donor Medicine, NADM)

The NADM is an association for Dutch physicians working in the medical field of donors who donate blood, tissue, cells or organs.

The NADM was founded on November 22, 2010. The members of the NADM, donor physicians, work in different institutions that vary from blood establishments and tissue banks to institutions for post-mortem tissues and organs.

The goals of the NADM are to improve the medical care of donors and to optimize the quality of the donation process and donation product.

A specific objective is to promote the independent assessment of donors in order to ensure optimal protection of their health and prevention of complications.

Furthermore, the Education Committee of the NADM is developing a national training programme for donor physicians. In addition to this the NADM organizes national educational events and congresses.

The Association has formally applied for recognition of donor medicine as a medical specialty within the domain of social medicine.

Affiliation with social medicine is appropriate because donor medicine in principle deals with healthy persons, who should be kept healthy (prevention).

For further information about the NADM and their activities please contact our secretariat by E-mail: NVDG.contact@gmail.com